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All Planet Fitness locations, including Lubbock, will require face masks beginning August 1st, 2020 to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

According to a recent public statement and their website, anyone who enters one of the fitness giant's locations will need to wear a mask. This means both folks who're exercising and employees:

Required masks in all Planet Fitness locations, starting August 1.

We want our members to gym confidently in a safe environment, therefore, we’ve enhanced our safety and cleaning policies. Beginning August 1st, masks are required to be worn while inside our clubs – including members and PF Team Members.

So don’t forget to mask up! But if you do forget, no worries. Just visit the front desk.

A cardio workout with a mask on may seem like a real stretch, and you may be wondering (as I have ) how to manage this, as undergoing any activity with a mask can be a challenge. Is there a chance it will affect the way we're able to work out?

It really depends on how hard we push our workouts, according to Planet Fitness' advice. But if your workout has generally causes you to increase your breathing, then you'll need to make some adjustments when working out with a mask on.

Planet Fitness' website features fitness expert Teddy with some guidance on how to pace your work out to accommodate wearing a mask (video below). Some of his key points include slowing down your cardio when you need to catch your breath, taking your run to a walk or decreasing your treadmill incline as needed. Another way to pace your workout is to plan your breaks. You can do more sets and fewer reps per set.

What about water? Sure, we can pace our breathing, but most workouts seem to require a sip of water here or there. A quick call to our local Planet Fitness clarified this for me. Thankfully, it's OK to take a drink of water,

If all of this sounds like too much to handle, there are tons of at-home or outdoor workouts you can try, and you can turn to the Planet Fitness website for plenty of at-home workout ideas.

So let's not panic. Let's stay in shape, and do our best to stay strong and healthy.


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