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Plainview ISD said in a memo posted on Wednesday, September 1st, that if certain criteria are met, the district will begin requiring face masks.

The district says that an intervention plan has been established due to a recent increase in COVID-19 cases across the community.

It was said that if 6 to 8 percent of students or personnel end up with COVID-19 that the superintendent would be given to option to mandate mask wearing across a given campus or facility. After a period of 10 days, if the percentage of COVID-19 infections drops to around 3 percent, the mask mandate would be lifted.

If the rate should stay above 3 percent, however, the superintendent is said to be able to extend the mask mandate.

In the event that the infection rate does not fall below 3 percent in a period of 15 days, the campus could be closed for five days while staff, teachers and administrators prepare for the students' return. As not every Plainview ISD student has full access to virtual instruction, if the campus closes for this 5-day period, no virtual or online instruction will occur.

Further guidance will be sought with the city, county and medical leadership if the COVID-19 infection rate does not decrease over a period of one month. Any and all actions will be presented to the Plainview ISD Board of Trustees for input and approval.

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