Animal Care Services of San Antonio is investigating what happened to a pit bull named Rosie in what the organization is calling one of the most disturbing cases of animal cruelty in the city's history.

According to the report from KSAT, Rosie was doused with a highly corrosive hydrochloric acid that left her permanently scarred. They believe it happened toward the end of July, and she went several weeks with no medical care.

Rosie suffered chemical burns over 100 percent of her face and head. Her entire right ear was dissolved by the acid, and her left ear was partially consumed. ACS is working with an eye specialist to save her eyesight.

ACS said Rosie will be placed in protective foster care until she is ready for adoption.

Tax-exempt donations to help with surgery and additional care costs can be made to:

San Antonio Animal Care Services
4710 State Hwy. 151
San Antonio, TX 78227


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Posted by City of San Antonio Animal Care Services on Wednesday, August 19, 2015

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