Do you know what Pet Flipping is? Well if you don't, listen up.

It's when people search for free animals online and then turn around and sell them. Or someone will find a lost pet and then try to sell it, sometimes for big bucks.

Pet flipping becomes a larger problem around Christmas as people are looking for ways to make holiday money.

You could wind up with someone else's four-legged friend. And as much as we don't want to think of such things, some of these animals could wind up as bait in fighting rings.

As easy as it might be, it's probably not a good idea to purchase a pet on Craigslist. It's against Craigslist policy to sell pets, but re-homing fees are allowed. Some pet flippers will call the fee a "re-homing fee" in order to get around the policy. (Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of legitimate people putting their pets up; just be careful and pay close attention if you should get a pet with a re-homing fee.)

Also, if you purchase what could be a flipped animal, you may not know what diseases or condition it might have. That puts you, your family, and other pets in peril.

A couple of the warning flags of pet flipping include people trying to haggle over price and asking about microchips (pet flippers want untraceable animals).

It's always recommended that you contact an animal rescue or shelter to re-home or obtain a pet. In addition, you should have your pet spayed or neutered and microchipped to prevent breeding and assist in identification should your pet become lost.

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