Before we get into the serious NFL Draft talk, let's discuss this growing trend on Twitter.

People are railing on Patrick Mahomes for the way his voice sounds. Take a listen in an interview with him above.

I've always thought his voice was a little strange, but the sheer volume of tweets on the subject was a little surprising.

Lots of Kermit the Frog comparisons:

Actor comparisons.

And some got straight to the point:

Moving on, Mahomes has been making the rounds this week. For all the press he's getting, it seems like he and Deshaun Watson are the top two quarterbacks.

Mahomes was on The Dan Patrick Show in this awesome clip where he throws a football at The Dan Head.

He also had an interview with the Good Morning Football round table:

Mahomes talked with former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason on Boomer and Carton:

Obviously, he was on Gruden's QB Camp:

And here he is on The Herd:

Mahomes made the rounds on the ESPN shows, including Mike and Mike:

Rounding out his numerous trips (of which I'm leaving out a ton, I'm sure), He taught the DA Show guys how to blow bubbles with bubble gum.

Here's an interesting article about the "system" label and how it's a thing of the past -- or will be soon.

And some other interesting blips:

Cleveland Radio personality is having draft dreams about Mahomes:

Mahomes is the 37th prospect overall from Matt Miller of Bleacher Report:

Mahomes is the top QB in the Draft ranking from Erik Olson:

The MMQB Peter King has the Chiefs getting Mahomes at 27. I love the Andy Reid / Patrick Mahomes pairing.

This guy has Mahomes falling out of the first round.

Peter Schrager of Fox Sports has Mahomes going at number 25 to the Houston Texans.

Daniel Jerimiah with the NFL Network has Mahomes going 13th to the Arizona Cardinals. The other mocks featured on have Mahomes either in the second round to the Chargers or sharing Jerimiah's 13th overall assessment.

The mock drafts will be a flurry between now and the official start to the draft on Thursday night.

It's not for sure that Patrick Mahomes will be drafted on Thursday night, which is just the first round. But barring any scandal or accident between now and Thursday night, I don't see him lasting past the second round. There are two big questions for Mahomes.

"Can we improve our team by drafting a back up quarterback in the first round?" If a team can answer that with a yes then Mahomes could be a Chief or a Cardinal by Thursday.

The other question is: "Is our quarterback situation so bad now that an unpolished raw talent is better than what we currently trot out at quarterback?" The team that could be saying 'yes' to that is in Houston.

Both questions aren't out of the realm of being answered and it's more likely to happen closer to the beginning of the first round than the end of the second.

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