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Lubbock's first Teapioca Lounge has announced its soft opening in the Commons West at 6620 Milwaukee Ave.

Just yesterday they posted on social media to share a great 25 percent off deal on all drinks while employees are still in training and things are getting set for bigger things to come.

One look at the menu and we know we're in for a crave-able treat that will send our tastebuds to a whole new place. Fresh out of Austin, they feature Taiwanese specialty drinks, teas, sweets and incredibly unique ideas that look amazing.

This franchise was originally founded in 2010, and now has about 14 locations across the U.S. They serve up a positive vibe and an exciting blend of Taiwanese and western eats and drinks.

We're not even sure how to begin to describe some of the unique beverages you will find here. It's everything from fresh fruit teas to boba teas, slushies, snacks and more.

The big question is, where to begin? The selection is so extensive and so interesting you'll want to just study the menu for an hour (kidding!) before making up your mind.

I love their pictures. Ever since I saw a fantastic shot of the Boba Madness, which looks chock full of an array of edibles in the bottom of the chilled, flavorful refreshing fruit beverage, my mind was made up; I have to start there. Do you eat it or sip it? Both. Sign me up, I love things that are confusing in a good way and the unique confusion of a place that starts out with a unique name, too.

The menu also boasts Boba Bursters, Oolong cream tea, Jasmine Dragon Pearls, Amazing Frappioca frozen coffee with tapioca add-ons, smoothies, slushies, a Snowy, which is a milk flurry with toppings like fruit, candy, ice cream, pudding and more.

Hungry, I mean, thirsty yet? I have a feeling once we've experienced Teapioca Lounge, we'll be back again, and back another time, too.

Welcome to Lubbock, Teapioca Lounge.

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