It's the 2019 version of the McDonald's coffee is too hot.

I think we have all probably burned our mouth on some hot food in our lives. It sucks when it happens, but throughout the past couple of decades, people have decided to sue restaurants when this happens. The latest case is over in Fort Worth from a local Olive Garden.

Danny Howard has filed a lawsuit against Olive Garden because the stuffed mushrooms she ordered were too hot. The lawsuit claims the restaurant failed to properly handle, inspect and prepare the food.“The stuffed mushrooms in question were defective and unsafe for their intended purposes at the time,” read the court filing. She says the server did not give her a warning that the food was very hot.

The lawsuit claims Howard took one bite of a stuffed mushroom, which immediately burned her mouth. The hot mushroom then allegedly got stuck in Howard’s throat, and she began to choke. Unable to speak or breathe, Howard said in the court filing she “frantically shuffled through the restaurant in need of help.” She eventually vomited at a kitchen station and was able to dislodge the mushroom.

She saw her throat in a mirror and tried to drive herself to a doctor. She says her throat began to swell and close while driving there, causing her to again have trouble breathing. The lawsuit says Howard called 911, “believing she was about to suffocate and that death was imminent.” She was taken to a hospital then flown to the burn unit at Parkland Hospital in Dallas.

Howard is asking for between $200,000 and $1 million in damages.

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