Another day, another goofy app that seems to flood our social media feeds with funny pictures.

The latest mindless time suck is called Voila AI Artist -- as in, "Voila! You look like an idiot." It's available in the usual app store locations and free (unless you're a real sucker, which removes the watermark and ads for the low, low price of $20.99/year).

So far, somewhere in the ballpark of 462 billion people have downloaded the app and are turning themselves into cartoon caricatures of themselves, even though most app users are just caricatures of actual humans.

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I'll admit, we've had some fun with it here at the radio ranch and are getting a few chuckles out of it.

For example, here was my first effort:

Image: Lance Ballance-Voila!
Lance Ballance/Voila AI Artist

Dashing, eh? Let's check out some of our co-workers. Here's Wes Nessman from 94.5 FMX:

Image: Wes Nessman/Voila!
Wes Nessman/Voila AI Artist

And his partner, Chrissy:

Image: Chrissy Covington/Voila!
Chrissy Covington/Voila AI Artist

And here is "Machete" himself, Danny Trejo:

Image: Voila!
Voila AI Artist

Dang, we clean up good! Right, Danny?


Thought so.

As usual, anytime an app like this comes along, you see the recommended daily allowance of killjoys who can't wait to come out of the woodwork and ruin everyone's fun by complaining that all these apps do is steal your identity and give them access to your photos.

Well, duh. It's a photo app. That's what it does.

Usually, these same harpies fail to see the irony in the fact that they're doing their complaining on social media, which, unless I am mistaken, has access to your photos. Just like the cute profile pic of you and your grandkids at Lake Alan Henry last summer. You using Facebook to complain about privacy is like complaining about the ills of alcohol with a glass of wine in your hand.

Don't ruin our fun. If we want to take goofy photos, let us. And while you're at it, did you know that if you type in the first nine numbers of your social security number, add it to your birthdate, and subtract it by your bank's routing number, I'll bet your account balance will equal zero. Try it now!

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