Travis Pastrana's Nitro Circus is hitting the road. I probably shouldn't say 'hitting the road.' Some of these guys have actually hit a road. With their face. More than once.

For some reason, the Nitro Circus is only going to do three Texas dates on this leg of their tour: San Antonio on September 1, Midland on September 2nd and Amarillo on September 3rd. That's right -- no Lubbock date. But you can choose to go north or south to see them if you want to. And I want to.

I'll go ahead and recommend you try Midland since it's on Saturday and Amarillo is on Sunday. But you do you, princess.

There are about five open days between Amarillo, and their next event in California. But since we don't know who is promoting these shows I wouldn't hold my breath for a Lubbock date to happen.

Tickets and more is available online at Ticket Rocket.

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