May 26th is the last day of school this year for students of Lubbock ISD and many of the other school districts around the area. What better way to celebrate with a night of laughs, screams and frights at Nightmare On 19th Street the very next night (Saturday, May 27th).

What will make MAYHEM different from the Halloween season or My Bloody Valentine? All four attractions will be open, but there's a huge twist. Patrons must go through the first and largest haunt, Blood Moon Manor, in darkness, with only one glow stick for the entire group. You'll need to rely on your friends to get through the twists, turns and depraved actors to get to safety. Think you and your besties can handle that?

If that wasn't enough excitement for one night, Rampage Wrestling "will have a full ring on the midway, headlined by the first ever Nightmare Hardcore Championship" according to N19 proprietor Wes Nessman.

Here are some fun pics of the title belt:

Via Wes Nessman
Via Wes Nessman

Additionally, this event will be catered by Red Dawgs, who I hear have the most amazing chili dogs in town. I am very ready to try one for myself.

For more information on MAYHEM, and to let them know you're brave enough for Blood Moon, visit the Facebook event page.

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