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UPDATE 5pm, May 7, 2021:

The City of Lubbock has rescheduled the installation of the bowl for the new water tower to the Saturday of next week, Saturday, May 15.

The installation will now take place Saturday, May 15 at 7:30am on 50th Street at Joliet Avenue.

This is the second new water tower to be constructed in Lubbock this year.



Coming up on Monday, May 10, City of Lubbock contractors will be completing construction of another new water tower, this time at 50th Street and Joliet Avenue.

Starting at 7:30am on Monday, the bowl for the new water tower will be raised onto the tower’s pedestal. The overall height for the new water tower is 178' feet; significantly taller than the old water tower that was also located at the same site.

City officials note that people can come watch the water tower’s construction from a safe distance.

Drivers that go by 50th Street and Joliet Avenue during their morning commute on Monday should be prepared for increased traffic and rubberneckers.

The tower being constructed at 50th and Joliet is a partial replacement of the city's long-time lone water tower.

Earlier this year, a similar water tower was constructed at 104th Street and Milwaukee Avenue. You can see in the photo below, that Lubbock is also painting the city logo onto the new water towers.

City of Lubbock Water Tower - 104th Street and Milwaukee Avenue
104th & Milwaukee Water Tower (KFYO News)

Three other water towers will be constructed at: 82nd and Avenue P, 3rd Street near University Avenue and the Texas Tech University campus, and on the Clovis Highway (US 84) northwest of North Loop 289. Each water tower will be able to hold two million gallons of water and cost $5 million each to construct.

In previous conversations with city officials, the new water towers have been described as a vital piece of infrastructure for Lubbock's current, and future, water needs. They are also required due to rules put in place by the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality).

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