Did we really need a survey to know this? Of course the Texas accent is the sexiest in the U.S. And while we didn't need a survey to tell us which is No. 1, you may be surprised at No. 2.

According to Big Seven Travel, who conducted the survey via the ever scientific social media route; "America is uniquely diverse when it comes to dialects, with the country’s vast history of immigrants influencing how people talk from coast to coast. Following on from sample survey results of our 1.5 million social audience, we have the official ranking of the sexiest – and least sexy – accents in the USA."

10. Californian
9. St. Louis
8. Philidelphia
7. Hawaiian
6. Mississippi
5. Chicago
4. Mainer
3. New York
2. Bostonian
1. Texan

I didn't grow up in Texas, I did most of my early learnin' and speakin' in California and Idaho. But over the last twenty years I've picked up a bit of a drawl, any time I travel folks have no trouble pinning me as a Texan. I don't hear it, but I'll wear it proudly.

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