This year for Christmas we wanted to make a couple different kinds of cookies including the traditional butter cookies you cut into shapes, but I wasn't sure where my cookie cutters had gotten to, so I thought we'd pick some up at the store.

Well there we were at the store with a lot of last minute folks like us on Christmas Eve. We had gotten our shopping pretty much completed but still hadn't come across any cookie cutters. Finally we asked a store clerk, who confirmed that they were sold out- oh no!

Well we were disappointed but determined to find a way to make it work and decided we could cut shapes by hand. Why not?

So we got home, unloaded everything and realized, at 5:30 now on Christmas Eve, that we had forgotten just a couple of things. I make a run to the store (different store this time) and figured I'd take one last shot at finding cookie cutters-maybe it would be a bit of a Christmas miracle.

I tried the baking aisle, the Christmas aisle, the little special displays, the random spots specialty items like this might show up, I wound up spending more time on this than I had intended, because the more I looked the more I really wanted to find them...but there were no cookie cutters to be found!

So I was a bit disappointed, but it was Christmas, and I knew there was much to be grateful for. I knew that however we cut up the cookies they would taste just as good and the most important part was that we enjoyed making them.

So later that evening we prepped the cookie dough and I took one last look through my cupboards for the cutters... and then, a miracle did happen after all...low and behold, in a far corner, tucked in behind the tea bags, was that little bag full for cookie cutters!

Somehow the journey to find the cutters has made the cookies extra special this year! But to me the most important part was the fun of making them by hand, mixing the dough, rolling them out, deciding on the shapes, baking them up, and frosting them together.

This holiday season I hope you will find time to make something home made from scratch and enjoy peace, love, joy, friends, family, happiness, good health and good eats!

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