She inspired so many with the courage to change their lives with her role as "Bonnie" in 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape'. Now, she's got a little courage of her own and is set on a goal.

Darlene Cates, 64 and a Texas native, is making headlines, again.

She is famous for playing the role of 'Bonnie' along side Johnny Depp and Leonard Dicaprio in 1993's 'What's Eating Gilbert Grape', but she's back in the headlines for something she has already inspired so many others to do.

Darlene is determined and set on losing the weight that has kept her in the hospital for almost a year. Her health problems coupled with being bed ridden and on a stricter diet had caused her to lose the initial 250lbs. Starting at 575lbs and now down to 331lbs, Darlene is determined to lose at least 100 more pounds.

She also is aspiring to get back into acting, again. "It altered my life." she said speaking of her role with Depp and DiCaprio.

What may seem as counterproductive to her goal, in the video, she talks about actually turning down acting jobs in the past. "There has to be respect. I refuse to be the joke."

See part of the interview below with The Dallas Morning News below:

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