Mike Ryan stopped by the show a couple months ago, but this topic did not come up. Too bad, would've like to talk about it. His latest project, Bad Reputation, was recorded in Country superstar, Brad Paisley's home studio.

According to Nashville Gab, Most of the work was done while Paisley was out working on his new disc, though.

Brad was out of town while we were recording which was the biggest reason why we got to use his studio in the first place, cause he was in the middle of recording a record too. He got back in one night as we were finishing up and treated us to dinner."

We were surrounded by priceless equipment, guitars, amps, pedals, more amps, more guitars,” he said. “It was incredible. We actually got to go out there a couple of times to watch Brad and his band at work recording his newest album Moonshine in the Trunk.

Mike Ryan's latest single Wasting No More Whiskey, was just released to radio.

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