Following in the footsteps of other fast-food companies like Sonic and Jack in the Box, McDonald's is going to add all-day breakfast to its locations later this year.

The official launch date of all-day breakfast will be October 6.

CNBC reports, there will be two types of markets offering all-day breakfast. The first type of market will offer McMuffin sandwiches and no biscuits while the second will offer the opposite, biscuits and not McMuffins. Both types of markets will offer platters, sausage burritos and sides.

CNNMoney provides a behind-the-scenes note at the changes each location will have to make to offer all-day breakfast:

LeAnn Richards, a franchisee who owns eight restaurants in Arizona, led the task force that studied the implication of the expanded menu. Richards said restaurants needed a dedicated egg griddle so that the kitchen could cook eggs at the same as chicken and burgers. Restaurants that offer McMuffins also needed a toaster exclusively for the muffins.

McDonald's has