With great Olympic Games, comes great big fast food restaurants. That's the saying, right?

It's safe to say that the whole world is looking forward to the beginning of the Summer Olympics in London. There will be a flood of tourists and travelers visiting for the games and McDonald's invested in that fact.

London will be the place for all kinds of world records this summer, including the world record for the Largest Fast Food Restaurant.

McDonald's is opening their newest location in Olympic Park, right next to the Olympic Stadium in London. It will be 3,200 square feet, have hundreds staff members, and can seat 1,500 people at one time.

It's caused quite a controversy. (but then again what DOESN'T these days? )

Many are outraged that this was even allowed to happen. They feel a restaurant infamous for having a hand in the obesity epidemic throughout the world should not be allowed such a big role in an event that glorifies the most athletic in the world. The point of the Olympics is to celebrate athleticism at it's very best.

McDonald's has slightly countered  those opposed by including an 'activity toy' with every happy meal. "What is this 'activity toy'?", you ask. It is an instrument that counts foot steps; a pedometer.

Fortunately, the restaurant will not hold the record spot for long. It will be retired and closed after the games are over.

What do you think? Should this corporation be allowed to just swing in and take potential business that London could have prospered from had they not been there and leave when the well has run dry?

Is it right to have it there during the Olympics?

and most importantly, what message is that sending to our youth?