Bragging about your undocumented status on social media, along with being the high school Valedictorian and having "nice legs," might not have been the smartest move for this Austin, Texas teenager.

Mayte Lara of Crockett High School recently posted the since-deleted tweet above and received some self-induced backlash. Some even went so far as to contact her employer on social media and ask if they knew they were employing an undocumented person.

South Texas news outlet MySanAntonio indicated that Mayte promptly disabled both her Facebook and Twitter accounts shortly after posting the above picture.

While being proud of educational accomplishments (and "nice legs") might be something to celebrate, the fact that she is here illegally and is having the U.S. taxpayer (me and you) pay for her college (she received a full ride to UT Austin, she revealed), then going on to brag about it on social media probably isn't the wisest move.

What do you think: Applause or anger?

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