In his press conference Monday, Head Coach Matt Wells was talking about how he wasn't nervous, but ready and prepared for his first game as a Red Raider on Saturday.

"We've prepared for this moment, I've prepared for this moment for a long time," Wells said, adding: "To run behind Fearless will be fun. I think it will be awesome to see 60,000 in there. The Raider Power chant, I can't wait."

Wait... Fearless?

Fearless Champion's suffered an injury last year and was out for the entire season, with former Aggie Cody stepping into Fearless' hoofs for the home games in 2019.

We've seen Fearless running here and there, but to come back from being out an entire season shows the grit and toughness that should embody the Texas Tech football program.

Now, it could be that Wells made a mistake and just thought all the horses around here were named Fearless. So we checked in with Chris Cook, who is the managing director in the Office of Communications & Marketing for Texas Tech University.

Bottom line is, he knows his stuff. Cook confirmed that Fearless will ride again. He also told us that Fearless had a test run and workout at The Jones this past Friday.

I only thought I was ready for football season. Go, Fearless, Go!

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