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Lubbock Fire Rescue has announced the upcoming retirement of Matt Dawson, the firefighter who was critically injured while working the scene of a traffic accident.

LFR confirmed that Dawson's retirement will be effective April 11th, 2022.

Back in January of 2020, Dawson was working an existing accident scene on Interstate 27 with multiple other first responders when a vehicle hit them. Lubbock Firefighter Lt. Eric Hill and Lubbock Police Officer Nicholas Reyna were killed in the incident.

Dawson began his career with Lubbock Fire Rescue in June 2014 at Fire Station 1. He transferred to Fire Station 2 a year later and began his journey to getting his instructor certification. In 2018, Dawson received his paramedic certification while on shift at Station 2.

The Dawson Family issued the following statement in regards to Matt's retirement:

We would like to announce the bittersweet retirement of Lubbock Firefighter Matt Dawson. Matt began his career June 2nd, 2014 at station 1. He later transferred to station 2, where his passion for teaching ignited. Matt worked hard to achieve his Fire Instructor I certification along with becoming a paramedic in 2018 while on shift. Matt has such a passion for serving his community and caring for people. We want to thank our fire family and the amazing community of Lubbock for all of the support we have received the last 2 years.

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