Texas and 20 other states really hate hearing about your personal problems.

OK, be honest: How many of your friends have you blocked because of them constantly whining, posting selfies, getting too political or just be generally annoying? Yeah, probably quite a few.

The social marketing and public relations firm Rantic Marketing surveyed more than 10,000 Facebook users across the 50 states to learn which of five types of Facebook posts annoy them the most. Here’s how many states chose each:

  • Personal problems: 21
  • Selfies: 9
  • Political posts: 7
  • Food pictures: 7
  • Baby pictures: 6

Texas is like most states and most hates hearing about your personal problems on Facebook.

Selfies can be annoying, but they don't personally bother me as much. Political is right up there with me. Once in a while a comment is fine, but some people have lost their minds with the political gibberish.

Baby pictures? I guess I can understand people being proud of their child...to a point. Food pictures are just stupid for the most part. They don't bother me so terribly much, but I certainly don't care what you're eating.

How about you? What sort of Facebook post drives you crazy?

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