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Lubbock's popular The Shack BBQ at 2309 Frankford Avenue has sadly closed their doors until further notice.

They're no longer offering curbside or delivery according to their Facebook page, but they're encouraging us to with a heartfelt message to honor other local businesses.

While we're heartbroken to see them close (like any small local business), we understand and salute them for their powerful Facebook message in honor of other Lubbock businesses who have stayed open by continuing to offer curbside and delivery.

You can follow this link to The Shack BBQ's Facebook page and tag them with some of the local businesses you're honoring. We sure look forward to seeing them be able to open again soon.

Also, we have a big list of Lubbock restaurants offering curbside, takeout and delivery. If you own or manage a restaurant or know one that should be on the list but isn't, email justin.massoud@townsquaremedia.com with the subject line open for business to have your business name added to our list.

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