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After five months of construction, The Range has re-opened as of September 11th, 2020. The new location in Lubbock is at 3116 112th Street.

The Range offers a unique blend of live music, wood-fired pizza & wings, beer, and a driving range for golf. Even if you're terrible at golf or just minimally interested in it, whacking balls is a real blast, especially with a bucket of beer alongside your bucket of balls.

From The Range:

The Range is a one of a kind place with LIVE MUSIC, COLD BEER and a LIGHTED DRIVING RANGE. We have 60 golf tees, 4 washer pits, an outdoor music stage and lots of COLD BEER!

More outdoor activities are exactly what we all need right now, as most of us have become unsocialized and unexercised goblins during the COVID-19 pandemic. The open-air is inherently safer, and doesn't alcohol kill viruses? Okay, maybe a drink won't help you avoid getting sick, but it certainly seems worth trying anyway.

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