Tech Cafe on 50th Street

Exciting news for Lubbock's ever-popular Tech Cafe. The restaurant's relocation hopes to open this spring, and we're ready and anxiously waiting.

The wildly popular Tech Cafe has had to relocate, and everybody's peeking in the windows trying to figure out when they will open their doors at their new location. At least, I can only assume that, since there was more than my nose print on the front window!

Lubbock in the Loop previously said that the grand opening was set for March, but I headed out there in the windstorm today and saw there was still a lot of work to be done. According to the team on the job there, it looks like they will be opening in June. We have our fingers crossed for sooner rather than later for this Lubbock favorite.

The new location for !his popular eatery is 4627 50th Street. (former Grandy's location) right where all the road construction has the right eastbound lane blocked

I almost got blown away trying to capture some photos because the parking lot is a little rough, so I parked next door and hiked in. It was a wild hair day for sure. Through all kinds of Lubbock weather, we'll keep an eye on this opening for you and let you know more when we do.

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