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Lubbock's My Place Hotel, located at 6219 62nd Street, has donated more than 180 rooms for our healthcare workers. Now, they have even more rooms to accommodate our frontline workers during the COVID-19 crisis, according to KLBK news. 

My Place Hotel shares that they are very grateful to be able to help our hometown heroes stay safe.

“We never imagined there would be such a need and we’re doing everything we can to make sure as many of the heroes who need a safe place to stay have it," co-owner Kevin Nelson said in a press release.

The hotel has already given our healthcare workers 182 free room nights. That is tremendous. Additionally, they now have 62 more room nights available thanks to a big donation they received.

These rooms are more than just a hotel room. It can be difficult to maintain social distancing and safety precautions without a space to accommodate all your needs. My Place Hotel rooms are perfectly suited to the needs of Lubbock workers.

These rooms are self-contained, according to My Place Hotels. There are plenty of safety precautions being followed every step of the way. Each room is clean and safe. Plus, each room includes a complete kitchen, full-size refrigerator, a stove, a coffee maker and even a microwave oven. This sounds like a perfect second home for our healthcare workers who need a safe place to stay.

When our medical teams are facing this unprecedented time on the frontline, their families can also be affected. Many times, it's difficult to return home from the hospitals after fighting for the lives of coronavirus victims.

Our Lubbock heroes need all the support they can get, and My Place Hotel has shared that they've been grateful to receive donations of goodie bags to help.

Many organizations have been created to support us during this crisis. My Place Hotels of America is working with one of these foundations.

My Place Hotels of America is donating 5 percent of qualified bookings to the First Responders Children's Foundation, which works in support of first responders and their families. A first responder who is facing financial hardship during this COVID-19 crisis can book a stay online and by phone. The promo code to use is HELP OUR HEROES.

A great big salute for our first responders, our healthcare workers and all of our hometown heroes. A big shout out for My Place Hotel of Lubbock. It's awesome to see the work that you're doing in support of our wonderful Lubbock community and our frontline healthcare workers.

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