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Lubbock is losing a real classic favorite. Louie Louie's Piano Bar is closing its doors after almost 12 years here in the Hub City, according to their Facebook page.

We're sad to see this popular spot shut down for good. Their Lubbock location at 1703 Texas Avenue was focused on fun, and upbeat musical entertainment that everyone could participate in and enjoy. Their Dallas location will continue on, however.

The bar shared the sad news on their Facebook page, with an invite to come visit them in Dallas whenever we might be in the area.

They have brought a wonderful positive spirit and the joy of live entertainment to so many occasions. A tremendous post they just made for their Valentine's show really speaks to the power of their efforts:

Looking for something a little different this Valentine's Day?

Come be serenaded by our very own Flip Sais! Sure, he's barely tall enough to ride a roller coaster, and his choice of shirts often makes you feel like you're stepping into a 90's sitcom, but you won't care about his shirts once you hear him crank out all your favorite hits. Plus, whoever said V-Day couldn't be fun-sized. Come join Flip and our other entertainers as they sing all the songs you want. No matter if this day makes you long for love songs or hate anthems...we've got you covered!

We really appreciate their old school charm, their sense of humor, and their dedication to live music. We're sad to lose them after all these years. No doubt many folks were looking forward to being there once again when bars are allowed to reopen this Friday.

We hope to have a chance to visit them in Dallas. Their fun-loving Lubbock location will be missed. We're sorry to lose Louie Louie's here in Lubbock.

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