Back in January 2022, I broke the news that Toot'n Totum is coming to Lubbock. Now we know a lot more and even have pictures below of how the first one looks in Lubbock.

The Amarillo-based gas station chain has been serving the Texas Panhandle since 1950 with more than 90 locations providing guests with good fuel, great food, fresh fountain drinks, a Mr. Payroll, car washes, Car Care Centers & more.

They offer things like fuel islands, ready-to-eat foods, grocery items and fountain areas. Many locations also include an array of services including the Texas Lottery, Western Union, Mr. Payroll Check Cashing, gift cards, car washes, and car care and lube centers.

Kelsee Pitman, Townsquare Media
Kelsee Pitman, Townsquare Media

What's The Story With The Name?

Wondering how they got their name? Well, I finally found out!

Funny enough, the origin story of the name is true to form.

Toot'n Totum
Toot'n Totum

Trade Publication Convenience Store News reported that Amarillo’s Toot’n Totum is planning to build 20 stores in Lubbock once it is all said in done.

Toot'n Totum first made the announcement on its website.

"Our sites are set and we're ready to roll into the biggest city in West Texas. Check back for details on locations and progress. We'll be just around the corner before you know it!"

From all their posts on social media, they do seem very active with the community and are always offering some kind of deal, which is a great thing for deal seekers.

I am very excited for these to be in Lubbock since they are West Texas strong. The inside all looked amazing. They have Dr. Pepper chillers and they had me sold. I am so excited for more to open up and be here in Lubbock. You defintely should check them out. The staff was super nice as well.

You can find out all the details on their official website. Toot'n Totum's first location is now open at 7303 82nd Street in Lubbock, TX 79424 which is their 134th store.

The new location has the Valero brand, ethanol-free, fast'n fresh, diesel, open 24 hours and offers a drive-thru. You can call them at 806-687-0064.

More Locations Coming Soon!

These are all the locations they are coming to:

  • 7012 Zenith St
  • 11301 Slide Road
  • 8306 Upland Ave.
  • 5024 Milwaukee Ave.
  • 301 Milwaukee Ave.
  • 98th/Milwaukee
  • 7008 University Ave
  • 12901 University Ave.
  • 5112 114th St
  • 7303 82nd St
  • 9711 US Hwy 87
  • 11311 Indiana Ave
  • 4414 Woodrow Rd
  • 4301 Clovis Rd
  • 7201 19th St
  • 5216 130th St
  • 2424 34th St
  • 2171 E. Slaton Road

They will also be coming to Lamesa at 2301 Lubbock HWY.

Toot'n Totum welcome to Lubbock! Here is a look at the store.

A Look Inside Lubbock's First Toot'n Totum

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