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Unfortunately, it's been a very difficult time for all of us and some of us have been hit harder than others. For Dora Moss Interiors, at 3536 34th street in Lubbock, we're very sad to see that they will soon be closing their doors permanently due to the COVID-19 economic crisis.

This remarkable store has rolled out a showroom to love and inspire beautiful design. They have Ideas you can take home. Find unique and beautiful pieces, Everything from accent furniture to beds, dining rooms, and much more.

It is sad to see that their tremendous store in McKinney is closing as well. Many of the beautiful furniture pieces from McKinney will be in Lubbock, so prepare to be surprised by what you will find in store during their final days.

Find a vast array of accessories including wall art, moving flame candles, table and floor lamps, pendant lighting, clocks, and mirrors.

Dora Moss designs beautiful custom-built Murphy Beds. You know the kind that fold up out of the way but open easily and work perfectly for summer guests.

Additionally, you'll find just that extra accent piece you need. They have beautiful quality pieces and everything from accent tables to dining tables.

If you've been dreaming of re-furnishing, re-designing and re-decorating, this is a real opportunity to find quality furnishings, now at closeout markdown prices. It's time to shop local, and support them during their last days. They have a tremendous going out of business sale getting underway.

I'll be out with Lonestar 99.5 for a live remote broadcast this Saturday from 1-3 pm, I'd love to see you!  So make plans to explore the store. I know I'm really excited to find just what I need at an amazing price. I definitely have home re-design dreams.

It is a real shame to lose a remarkable business like Dora Moss Interiors to the COVID-19 pandemic's economic crisis.You can follow this link to their website for more information. This is our one last opportunity to do what we can to support them, so let's pull together and visit them, soon.

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