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One of Lubbock's most popular stops for Thai food, Choochai at 2330 19th Street, has a sign in their front window that's capturing a lot of attention.

At this point in the pandemic, emotions and opinions are, if nothing else, wearing thin. But a small, nondescript sign brings a bit of a sense of humor to our curbside-ordering, social-distancing, mask-wearing new lifestyle.

Choochai boasts 'Coronavirus Free Food.' When we heard about the sign, we had to go to see it for ourselves. This sign is getting noticed. However, the sign is not very noticeable.

Choo Chai photo Jan M. Townsquare Media
Choochai's coronavirus-free food sign (Jan M. Townsquare Media Lubbock)

Of course, my skills of observation have not always been top-notch and moonlighting as a detective is probably not my thing. When I didn't notice the sign out front right away and went in to ask, the staff chuckled.

Even the guy ordering food to go at the counter knew exactly what sign I was asking about. This little sign is so subtle it was even hard to photograph. But now, it's making headlines.

Choochai is an award-winning Lubbock favorite and we're glad to see that they're keeping busy serving up healthy food with a little sense of humor intact.

So, what's on their coronavirus-free menu? Plenty. Everything from soup to stir fry to chow mein, beef, chicken, pork, fish, and shrimp, rice and noodle dishes, and plenty of authentic flavors and unique offerings. You can even find soup that serves up like a meal. Their sea soup includes shrimp, squid, fish, scallops and mussels. Plus, you've got to love the sweet rice for dessert and the Thai iced tea.

Choochai, we're glad to see that you have plenty of delicious coronavirus-free food for all your fans here in Lubbock. Great job, y'all.

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