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Lubbock's brand new Toasted Tarts Bakery is set to open soon at 3407 98th Street. They've just announced an official opening date, so we can get ready for the big day.

The bakery's opening day is set for July 24th, according to their Facebook page. This is great news. We hadn't heard from them in a while. They had last posted about construction delays back in February. Those delays had postponed their opening at that time.

Of course, everything has been delayed in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic. It's exciting to see that Toasted Tarts is able to move forward with their opening plans.

We can look forward to some delicious-sounding treats on this menu. They promise plenty of unique French pastries and breads. They will also be serving up espresso, teas, and specialty Italian sodas.

Additionally, they will cater to special diets. They promise delicious gluten-free and sugar-free items.

Their hours cater to breakfast, brunch, lunch, or afternoon tea. Since they will be opening at 7 a.m., we might be able to work this in as a great breakfast stop or a refreshing bite midday. Or some afternoon tea and pastry. They'll be open until 3 p.m.

It's always nice to have some wonderful, fresh, unique options to choose from, and Toasted Tarts offers us this and more. What a nice surprise to bring out for friends, or maybe a picnic or your family's snack break.

Here's what they shared on their Facebook page:

Our menu will be full of classic French pastries and breads, as well as many gluten free options, and sugar free goodies too. We'll also have espresso, teas and Italian Sodas.

Welcome to Lubbock, Toasted Tarts. Congratulations on your upcoming opening.

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