A strange video making the rounds in Lubbock involves a random woman and a weird message she carved into a local home's front door.

“She didn't knock, she didn't ring the door bell and I didn't even know who she was," Angelica Arrambide, the homeowner, told KAMC News. "Why would you write on my house? What does the message mean. I'm just curious to know."

Video of the crazy incident was captured on Arrambide's Vivint security system. In it, the woman is seen approaching the home with what looks to be a small knife and begins carving into it.

You can watch the video below.

And here's a picture of what the woman carved into the home. Does that say 'booty'? If you can decipher what it says, let us know.

weird message in Lubbock home
Angelica Arrambide via Facebook

At the time of this story's publication, the woman's identity is unknown.

According to Arrambide, the Lubbock Police Department is aware of what happened and patrol officers in the area are on the lookout.

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