Lubbock now has a food challenge and they are ready to see who can beat it.

The owners at All American Eatery & Catering Co. have wanted to create a food challenge for a long time now. After a lot of work and decision making they are ready to release it to the public to take on.

"I was just thinking one day. We are known for our steak fingers and burgers. I was thinking how Amarillo has that steak challenge and I just wanted to bring something to the 806 area, said Abel, one of the co-owners of All American Eatery & Catering Co.

You have an hour to eat a six-patty burger that is around 5 pounds of meat. The burger is topped with two fried cheese sticks and comes with a pound of fries and a pound of onion rings.

The burger is a mix of the mushroom Swiss, little mini red raider, Nashville burger, green chile burger, and bacon cheeseburger all in one.

"We haven't had anyone try it or attempt it yet," said Abel.

All American Eatery & Catering Co.
All American Eatery & Catering Co.

They are also asking the athletic directors, coaches, or students of any school district in the area to give them a call to try it before it goes out to the public. The winner will get a free lunch for 15 for their coaches. Just give All American Eatery & Catering Co. a call at 806-368-6304 and ask for Abel.

"I did a challenge like this when I worked at the marina at Buffalo Springs Lake. Thirteen people tried it and no one accomplished it," said Abel.

The challenge will go to the public on May 15th, 2023. If you don't finish it, it is 65$. If you do finish it, it is on the house. You will get a special t-shirt, trophy and get your picture on the wall for the All-American Challenge.

If you want to sign up you have to give them a 24-hour notice and it has to be anytime after 3 p.m.

Goodluck y'all. Let the games begin!

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