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Do you recognize these two thieves? Lubbock's Red Raider Outfitters caught two shoplifters on camera as they boldly shoplifted in face masks and sunglasses.

They are offering a $300 reward to catch these two bandits, according to their Instagram and Facebook posts.

The Red Raider Outfitter posts said:

$300 Gift Card **Reward** for information leading the arrest of these terrible people. Help other local business by putting them in jail and not dealing with the same loss. Shopping with a mask on is a more than a small crime. These two will do prison time if turned in for robbery. Thank you Lubbock. 6/30/2020 at 1:25 pm at our Southwest Location

This is so upsetting to see. Many comments are posted in response to this on the Red Raider Outfitter Instagram and Facebook pages. 

Commenters on the video are angry and shocked, with some asserting that the t-shirts are being stolen for resale at either the flea market or on local Facebook pages. Some suggested that large bags should not be allowed in stores, while others said masks shouldn't be worn by shoppers.

One commenter suggested that the shoes may be a giveaway. Someone else hoped a family member might recognize them. The list of comments goes on, but no one seemed to have a clear idea of who these two are. It certainly seems that a family member might be able to recognize them.

It's so sad to see this happen. We're glad it was caught on camera. I think it's only a matter of time before the law catches up with them. It's hard to understand, and hard to believe, what you see here. We hope these two are caught.

Follow this link to the Red Raider Facebook page for further details.

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