Valentine's Day is really a matter of the heart, not the wallet or the circumstances, right? Of course, the findings of this survey are strictly circumstantial, but apparently some cities make things a little easier for lovebirds than others.

Based on some pertinent facts, Lubbock doesn't shape up too well in the Valentine's Day spectrum according to Wallethub.

We come in at 92 out of 100, which puts us in the bottom 10, in a survey of best places to go for Valentine's Day. 

One Texas city that makes the top 20 is San Antonio at number 15. The number one Valentine's Day city on this survey is...drumroll...San Francisco, California.

Taken into consideration for this survey were things like the number of florists, the weather forecast and the cost of a three-course meal for two. You can visit WalletHub for all the results.

So you can head to San Antonio or San Francisco, where the chips are stacked for Valentine's Day, or stay here in the Hub City and remember that love conquers all and, at the end of the day, it's just a survey.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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