Lubbock has made it on the top of the worst! We are the 10th worst US city for staycations according to Wallethub.

If you can't afford to go away for vacation and choose to stay home, research says that here in Lubbock we don't have as much to do as some cities!

Things like swimming pools, tennis courts, golf courses, museums, nightlife, shopping, theaters, beer gardens, and more per capita were taken into consideration.

One thing that ranked well in our favor was the cost of a movie ticket!

I think that just because we don't have the most per capita, shouldn't matter around here, since you can get just about anywhere in 10 minutes it's all good!

Vacationers may not know, but local problem! If you're staycationing don't let this little survey rain on your parade! Just put on your shades and flip flops and a vacation state of mind!

As David Lee Murphy and Kenny Chesney sing; 'everything's gonna be alright!'



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