Far Southwest Lubbock is booming like crazy. To be perfectly honest, I never go any further south or west than the United on 82nd and Frankfurt. I grew up on the North side and live in the Central. I'm old school.

However, I may be enticed to go beyond my comfort zone with the addition of two new shopping centers that are currently under construction.

One is the oddly-named Ranch House, which has seven open suites, one of which boasts a restaurant layout. If you're like me, you probably saw "Ranch House" and thought of the delightful downtown restaurant that has been a Lubbock staple for, I have no idea, 100 years? This shopping center will be located in Vintage Township at 122nd Street & Quaker Avenue. No word yet on any of the businesses that might be moving in but construction should be complete February 2017.

The second is Slide Road Galleria at 10609 Slide Road. Its anchor store will be Golf Headquarters, which is relocating from their Frankford location. From what I can glean, it appears only one site is available, so I'm excited to see who else is already moving in.

As for me, I'd love to see more coffee shops, makeup stores and shoes. Let's see if these locations deliver the goods.

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