"The Big Switch" for many Lubbock Power & Light (LP&L) customers is coming up later this month when 70% of LP&L's grid switches from the Southwest Power Pool (SPP) to ERCOT [Electric Reliability Council of Texas].

One of LP&L's largest customers is the Texas Tech University campus.

Texas Tech's power needs are so vast, and complex, that LP&L has a substation on campus; the Brandon Substation.

On Wednesday, Texas Tech officials announced that LP&L will switch the Brandon Substation from SPP to ERCOT on Saturday, May 29, between 10am-1pm. The outage at the Brandon Substation is scheduled to last no more than an hour, but power will be completely cutoff on the Texas Tech campus, and at additional locations in Lubbock. The Reese Center and New Deal facilities in Lubbock County are not being affected by the Brandon Substation shut down. Also not affected by the planned shutdown: the School of Veterinary Medicine in Amarillo.

Texas Tech officials are asking staff, and students, who may be affected by this upcoming outage to plan to manually shut down all technology and equipment in advance of the planned power outage on May 29. This would include computers, televisions, and other electronic equipment.

During the planned outage, all elevators on campus will be shut down. Texas Tech officials say that students in need of planned accommodations will need to contact Student Disability Services. Also, students, or visiting groups, who are scheduled to meet on campus during the ERCOT switchover have been requested to reschedule their event.

LP&L customers are able look up the approximate time their meter would be switched from SPP to ERCOT on either May 29 or May 30, 2021. Additional information is online at LPandL.com

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