A vehicle pursuit starting on Highway 84 in Lubbock resulted in an arrest. An off-duty Lubbock Police officer noticed a person who looked as if they were intoxicated at the Flying J gas station on 4th Street in Lubbock on Monday, August 22nd. This prompted the off duty officer to call Lubbock Police Officers that were on duty for assistance. While awaiting on duty law officials to arrive the off duty officer approached the possibly intoxicated driver and managed to get them out of the vehicle. Soon after the driver left the vehicle an altercation between the driver and off duty officer occurred.

The driver fled west after the altercation in their vehicle with Lubbock Police arriving soon after.  The off duty officer did not engage in a pursuit but was able to provide a description to on duty officials once they arrived to the gas station. The driver went westbound in the direction of Shallowater and evaded arrest before a separate Lubbock Police Department vehicle spotted the suspect. A traffic stop was initiated but the driver continued to flee engaging Lubbock Police in a vehicular pursuit. While fleeing near Shallowater the vehicle at some point lost two tires and was driving on bare rims according to police reports.

The driver was arrested and taken into custody after officers were able to implement a force stop in Shallowater. As of this article publishing the name, charges, and possible bond of the subject have yet to be disclosed. This investigation is ongoing.

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