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Lubbock native Kelsie Watts' take on Kelly Clarkson's "I Dare You" earned her two chair spins during the blind auditions of The Voice's 19th season.

Kelly Clarkson turned to watch Watts finish the song, which is the title track from Kelly's latest album, I Dare You. Not a second later, fellow judge Gwen Stefani also hit her button to turn her chair around.

Watts' cover of Clarkson's 2020 song off her album of the same name was something to behold. In fact, Watts hit the high notes so well that Clarkson exclaimed, "oh my gosh, you just one-upped me on my own song. You just sang the crap out of my song." Talk about high praise from someone with more than a little experience in reality singing competitions.

The 29-year-old singer now resides in Nashville, Tennessee, but used to call the Hub City her home. According to her official bio sent by MPRM Communications, Watts was inspired by her brother to get into music. However, eight years ago, her brother passed away, leading a then-21-year-old Watts to give up on music to heal. Eventually, she returned to her dream - and following in her late brother's footsteps -- and performs on a showboat.

Since she "sang the crap out of" her song and was flattered by Kelly's praise, it only made sense for Kelsie chose to join Team Kelly. Although wouldn't it have been just the WORST if Blake had also turned his chair and she ultimately decided to go with him? After all, he does have a better track record of producing winners on the show. But which is more importan: loyalty to the artist you love, or winning? All's fair in love and music.

No matter who her coach is, here's hoping she takes it all the way and wins the whole dang thing. All of us here at Lonestar 99.5 are rooting for you, Kelsie! Make Lubbock Proud!

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