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Mackenzie Middle School recently contacted students' families to inform them about their updated dress code for the 2022-2023 school year.

Previously, the Lubbock ISD school followed a "Standardized Dress" code that required students to wear gray, red, white or black collared shirts with khaki or black pants, shorts, capris or skirts. Along with that base uniform, the students were not required to wear belts, but if they chose to do so it must be black or brown with no oversized buckles. The students were also required to wear closed toe shoes with socks.

Along with those requirements, as of the 2021-2022 dress code, students were allowed to wear hoodies that were red, white, grey, or black and had a logo that was no larger than two inches. Although students were previously permitted to wear hoodies, in the updated dress code that's going to change.

In an email sent by Principal of Mackenzie Middle School Dr. John Martinez, it was stated that students are no longer allowed to wear hoodies at school. Students are still allowed to wear hoodless jackets as long as they correlate with the proper color for their grade level. In order to address the concern about jackets, the email from Principal Martinez states, "we are planning on purchasing fleece jackets for each student this school year."

Another major change to the dress code is that the school is now enforcing a clear bag policy. All students must have a backpack that is clear or easily seen through without having to open the bag.

If your student attends Mackenzie Middle School, be sure to check your email inbox for more information on this updated dress code that will be enforced in the coming school year. You can also look here for the updated dress code guide that was attached to the original email.

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