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Lubbock Meal On Wheels has announced their COVID-19 response, they will continue to deliver food, but are closing their doors and redirecting volunteers to pick up at their drive-thru, beginning Monday, March 23rd.

According to their website, they want to assure the community that they are taking every precaution necessary in response to the outbreak. This is the group's statement:

During these uncertain times, Lubbock Meals on Wheels is closely monitoring developments of the COVID-19 outbreak and following the guidelines put out by the CDC and the World Health Organization. It is our plan to continue to deliver meals. As always, we continue to follow prescribed hygiene practices and hand washing protocols in all areas of our operation. It is our standard policy to remind all volunteers not to volunteer/deliver if they feel that they are ill or they have a fever.

We thank the community for their generous response to our plea for additional volunteers. Since we asked for help, over 100 people have applied to be volunteers. With this kind of response, we now may be able to add routes as they are needed.

They ask us to be aware and check on our elderly and vulnerable neighbors during this difficult time.

Lubbock Meals on Wheels is a non-profit organization that delivers nutritious meals to the homebound and disabled. You can follow this link for more information about LMOW.


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