A new food truck in Lubbock called The Lunch Box is now open. I went the other day to try it out and am happy to say it was delicious. Everything was freshly made and my Texas turkey melt was so good.

But here's what's really funny. When you hear their name, it's a great one, right? Exactly what you think of when it comes to food. Well, in Lubbock there are two wildly different businesses that nearly share that name. Confusion over a delivery from the eatery turned into a funny online story.

A woman named Anastasia Pualani-Wright who drives for delivery services posted to the LBK Foodies page on Facebook about it, and man, did it make me and everyone laugh. Here's what she said happened:

"Okay I drive favor, door dash, Uber Eats, Grubhub. Today I got an order for a Number 4 at the Lunch Box waxing store on Milwaukee. Due to me using this business myself I new what it was for. I contacted the customer and said sir the number 4 is not available for purchase through DoorDash. He said why ?? I said because I am not getting a full Brazilian wax. He replied but it says the lunch box. I said it ain’t that kind of business. I said please google the business. He texted me and said omg I am so sorry. And ask me to come to his house and tipped me 50 dollars cash.
my husband was with me today doing deliveries and he was like go and and do it. I was like go inside and ask them what a Brazilian full body is. He came out with a look of horror and said oh hell no!! lol"
Now I can definitely see how this could happen. It's a great story from start to finish. I just really hope this man got his sandwich and everyone got a good laugh out of the story, because I sure did.
Make sure you keep an eye out because I think a #4 with cheese will hopefully be coming to the menu very soon.

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