Warning: This video contains NSFW language (that's also incredibly infuriating)

Have you ever gotten so angry, so disappointed and so disgusted that you had to fight back tears? That's exactly how I feel about this video and the awful person who shot it. This poor, defenseless animal is now lost. Lubbock, we need to come together to find this animal.

The family is offering a reward for the return of Marsha, a black and white female cat that will have no collar on (because a human slime took it off, which he brags about in the video). She was dumped onto 82nd Street, probably near Quaker.

If you find Marsha, please either post on Lubbock Lost & Found on Facebook or call us (806-798-7078) during business hours (9 a.m. - 5 p.m.) and we will get you in contact with the family.

I am personally offering a reward as well. When this sweet kitty is returned, I'll make sure the person who found her gets a little hookup from our station. Even though I don't know this family or this cat, I need a happy end to this story.

I am going to point out the obvious here: This is incredibly abusive behavior -- not only to the cat, but to the owner. We have chosen not to include his name here, but if he happens to read this, you need professional help. Please get help before you hurt any other living thing.

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