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A Lubbock man was arrested on Wednesday, February 2nd after being accused of indecency with a child.

KAMC News reports that back in July of 2021, Lubbock Police were called to a home in Central Lubbock. There, a mother told police that her daughter made claims of 34-year-old Johnny Gafford "rubbing on her."

She told police that this wasn't the only time something like this had happened, and it was after Gafford had been drinking. Apparently, this also happened in December of 2018 and April of 2019, according to the mother. The daughter was said to have been "younger than 17" when the alleged incidents happened.

The mother also told police that she went through Gafford's internet search history and found that he had searched something along the lines of how to engage in a specific form of sexual abuse. The details around the search history weren't made immediately clear.

Gafford says that the claims made against him are false, and that they come from a custody dispute. Regardless, an arrest warrant was issued on Monday, January 24th.

Gafford remains booked in the Lubbock County Detention Center on bonds totaling $200,000.

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