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On Sunday, February 6th, a Lubbock man was arrested after being accused of sexually assaulting someone on May 5th, 2018.

KAMC News reports that on that morning, 34-year-old Xavier Estrada went to pick up the victim at a friend's house. He was going to take her to work, but he took her to a park instead. There, Estrada allegedly sexually assaulted the woman before taking her to work.

The victim told police that she had been friends with Estrada since she was 10 years old and that she trusted him enough to call him for a ride if she needed on. The victim said she thought Estrada was under the influence of some kind of substance when the alleged assault happened.

Estrada confirmed with police that he had been drinking when the victim called him to come get her. He said that she had repeatedly called him that morning. He also said that when the alleged sexual assault was happening, she never said no. Estrada said that he had text messages to prove that what happened wasn't rape, but he didn't want them to be recovered.

Estrada now remains in the Lubbock County Detention Center with bond set at $50,000.

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