It's officially summer break, which means that kids are heading outdoors and potentially getting into a little bit of trouble. This unfortunately leads to an increase in emergency room visits. We highlight the top reasons that children land in the ER so that you can stay proactive with their safety this season.

Top Nine Reasons Kids End Up in The ER in the Summer Months

Dr. Kristy Bybee, Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physician at Covenant Children's Hospital in Lubbock wants parents to be aware of the dangers that can land their kids in the ER, especially in the Summer months. By knowing the potential causes for concern, you can be proactive about preventing these types of injuries.

No one wants to take their child to the emergency room, but it's there for a reason.

Dr. Bybee stressed that "if your parent instinct tells you something is significantly wrong with your child, you should listen to that. Most parents are actually pretty good at knowing something is very wrong. If a child is ever having trouble breathing, where when they're breathing, they're breathing really fast and really hard like they've been running up flights of stairs, that is a problem and the child should always be seen in an emergency setting."

She also stated that if your child is experiencing vomiting episodes that won't stop, if you have concerns for dehydration or if they're acting extremely sleepy and you're having trouble waking them up, then it's imperative that they get seen by a doctor immediately.

"If you are truly worried about your child, then we are always happy to see them," Dr. Bybee said.

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