Jazzy Taps Dancewear (3602 Slide Rd B13) is closing permanently by February 1st, according to their Facebook Page.

In order to liquidate their stock, items are deeply discounted. Fixtures are for sale as well.

On another Facebook post, Jazzy Taps Dancewear owner Danielle DeLorimiere explained the closure:

Let me first start out by saying what a pleasure it has been to be apart of the dance community in lubbock & the surrounding area. I have truly enjoyed seeing the beginner to the adults who wanted to continue their dreams & the love of dance grow over the years. I have learned so much being so close to the dance world. I will GREATLY miss being a part of it.

With that being said, the buying culture has changed significantly. Brick-and-mortar dance retailers have suffered heavy losses as consumers are now buying from mainstream retailers such as online discount stores and Amazon. The consequences of this have been devastating to my business. Given these circumstances, it is with great remorse I have decided to close my business. This is a heart breaking decision I had to make.

While this is the not the outcome I envisioned several years ago when starting this company, it’s a reality that I have to face.

All of us at Jazzy Taps Dancewear want to thank you for your business over the years.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: When you support local, family-owned businesses, you are helping your neighbors.

Small business is a vital part of the economical health of any community, as small business owners spend the money they make locally as well. If you buy my shoes, I have money to spend at your restaurant, for example. If all these store closures give you pause, be sure to support your favorite local businesses with you patronage.

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