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Lubbock County’s transition to new online databases powered by Plano-based Tyler Technologies continues to have difficulties.

On Tuesday, September 14th, Lubbock County Judge Curtis Parrish released a statement announcing that personally sensitive information, like Social Security numbers, had not been fully redacted from information included in online legal filings.

Some of the information in question may have been online for almost six weeks before Lubbock County pulled all court documents offline on Tuesday. It's unclear if the records had been accessed by the public during this time. The statement says the county became aware of the issue on Tuesday, but that the incident was not a data breach or the system being compromised.

This contrasts with a statement from the Lubbock Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, where they characterized the incident as a data breach. They claim they made the county aware of these issues on September 10th. The county has temporarily blocked access to records until they can fix the issue.

Lubbock County began the switch from the Ki-Corp software system to Tyler Technologies in August.

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