Ladies and gentlemen, it is a big year for a local boutique and it is time for not only celebrating them but you.

J. Hoffmans is a well-known boutique right here in Lubbock but it didn't start that way. It started out very small and grew into something they never imagined.

Vickey and Jonathan Hoffman started their retail business back in 1973. They had two children at the time, Cherry who was six, and Courtney who was just one. It started as a small venture and turned into a lifetime dream.

Now Courtney Wicks, who was just one year old when the business started is helping run day-to-day operations in the store.

"It is such an accomplishment. My mom started the business with baby world and went around to how many banks, but no one would give her a loan. Back then women didn't own businesses. It's such an accomplishment for her. She has always been a part of the business. She still goes to market," said Courtney.

This story has been through many years, seasons, and employees. They have employed more than 500 women.

"All the girls who have worked for us have sent in pictures for us to post because we really want to do a whole year of celebrating because it really is a big accomplishment, 50 years in a small business. We use to say it used to be a small business and now it's a beast," said Courtney.

J. Hoffmans
J. Hoffmans

Not only are they celebrating a big year but they had a lot of firsts for Lubbock and Texas.  J. Hoffman’s was the first privately owned Brighton store in Texas beginning in 1992, as well as one of the only privately owned Kendra Scott stores in the nation beginning in 2018.

Even when they look back at pictures from so long ago and all those accomplishments they are seeing the same people shopping with them and supporting them.

"We are beyond thankful and so blessed that people can come in and be a part of our journey. We really don't call them customers, we call them friends. You'll never know who you will meet here," says Courtney.

To give back to all the people that supported them they are going to be doing monthly giveaways for the whole year. For March they are doing a sweatshirt giveaway. In February, they gave away 5 $50 gift cards.

In the coming months, they will do stuff with Brighton and Kendra Scott as well. If you want to win any of these giveaways follow their social media.

This summer they are even updating the store to give it a little face lift and change.

You can find out more about them on their website or by checking out their location,
4918 50th St, Lubbock, TX. They are open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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