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The Lubbock Animal Shelter takes in animals in need nearly every day, but today they took in some adorable oddballs, including a cute black and white spotted calf who was, "picked up at southeast loop; we presume it fell out of a transport vehicle! " She is currently with a foster while LAS looks for the owner.

I understand the calf is someone's property, but there's a part of me that hopes her adventure leads to adoption at a small farm where she can lead a long and loved life more akin to a pet than livestock. I can dream can I? The post featuring the calf has gotten over 300 comments and nearly 1,000 shares, with multiple people offering to adopt her, so maybe my wish will come true.


LAS didn't just take in a baby cow today; they also took in a pair of owner-surrendered, bonded rabbits. They're looking for a great home, but would prefer you vacuum quietly:

Owner surrender
*Bonded Rabbits*
Breed: Mini Rex
2 years old
Female- black
Male-black&white and is fixed.
They are both litter box trained
Friendly and playful.
Were classroom pets very sociable but are scared of the vacuum cleaner
I feel like I should mention that while rabbits are incredibly cute, they are not exactly entry-level pets and require much more space than they are typically given as pets. They're also sensitive to heat and cannot be kept outside 24/7 in the Lubbock summer. But the right owner would be lucky to have these two cuties.
LAS is full of beautiful, cute, and deserving animals of all types. It's the perfect place to find your forever friend.

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